Tips on Being Able to Play More

boy-playing-drum-vector-illustrations_Q1JCs-To our Bridges Community:

Here are some tips on being able to “Play More”
Don’t take things so seriously or personally!
Let your drama of life be one of empowerment – not a soap opera that never changes the script.
Laugh a lot.
Let tears flow … it’s cleansing
See the child in everyone … it’s amazing what you will behold.
See the wonder in Mother Nature … you will always be in awe.
Please yourself often and be best friends with You.
Be sure your circle of friends support your highest well-being.
Clap a lot … life and others  deserve great applause.
Remember – only 2 choices in life – better or bitter – choose better!

These are just guidelines to being able to “play more” and enjoy the gift of life.

I am choosing to be more pro-active for Charles in the decisions I am making. I am so understanding … when I am genuinely honoring my well-being and taking TLC of me, I am far more playful and joyous to be around.



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