What are you reflecting on today?



To our Bridges Community:

From Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind Text:

” … We are surrounded by a Subjective Intelligence, which receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it. The natural Law in the Mental World is neither good nor bad. It can only be said of it that IT IS, and we may consciously use It. The Law is a law of reflection; for Life is a mirror, reflecting to us as conditions the images of our thinking.”

What are you reflecting on today?  Remember: “What gets your attention – gets you!”

I choose to reflect upon the past as a sacred journey to the NOW and value all that I have moved through to be where I AM.

This NOW is a total reflection of how I have either valued my past or chosen to see it otherwise.

From Eckhart Tolle’s  …. “The future is only the NOW again.”

Let my reflections be upon gratitude and continuing to observe the mini/many miracles of life that are constantly there, as I open to behold them.

No matter what we move through in this journey … the power is in our reflections and our life is mirroring that fact … we are only living what we are believing.

My life is permeated with miraculous, beautiful people … and I continue to reflect in gratitude for the sum total of this journey …. In the eternal NOW.



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Tips on Being Able to Play More

boy-playing-drum-vector-illustrations_Q1JCs-To our Bridges Community:

Here are some tips on being able to “Play More”
Don’t take things so seriously or personally!
Let your drama of life be one of empowerment – not a soap opera that never changes the script.
Laugh a lot.
Let tears flow … it’s cleansing
See the child in everyone … it’s amazing what you will behold.
See the wonder in Mother Nature … you will always be in awe.
Please yourself often and be best friends with You.
Be sure your circle of friends support your highest well-being.
Clap a lot … life and others  deserve great applause.
Remember – only 2 choices in life – better or bitter – choose better!

These are just guidelines to being able to “play more” and enjoy the gift of life.

I am choosing to be more pro-active for Charles in the decisions I am making. I am so understanding … when I am genuinely honoring my well-being and taking TLC of me, I am far more playful and joyous to be around.



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Play More


To our Bridges Community:

Here is a brief personal update. My back surgery went beautifully.  Thank you for all your prayers.   I am free of the pain factor that has been ongoing for the past 3 months since fracturing a vertebrae.   I am profoundly grateful for the miraculous procedure that enabled me to be “in and out” the same day. I am also mindful of the deeper message … to take more TLC of me.  That is easy counsel to give … not always to follow.

Our theme this month is “Play More.”

Kahlil Gibran has stated that “Our work is love made visible.”   I want to add to that: “When we Play More …we will more likely being doing the work that is love made visible.”

It is all about “balance.”   When we make decisions that give us greater freedom to be creative and play, it is amazing how much more value we will place into our work.

May all of you take a deep look at “Playing More” and remember one of our core purposes in living is to experience JOY.

I can tell you that I have never been immersed in more JOY than being a part of the Mission of Bridges of Wellness (See below). The Vision is ever changing … the Mission is our heartbeat.

To all of you that are local … Please consider my class on “This Thing Called You” by Ernest Holmes – set to begin this Thursday July 9 at 7pm-9pm – an 8 week series. See details in this e-blast.


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