Miracle Mondays – A Course in Miracles

7Thurs - ACIM
Join us for a lively and interactive discussion of A Course in Miracles every Monday afternoon from 1:00 – 2:30. A Course in Miracles is not a religion. It is a spiritual thought system that, if practiced, helps you to let go of fear, conflict, and struggle. It teaches you how to choose peaceful thoughts more consistently, and how to remove the obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence. The Course has many similarities with other popular spiritual teachings of today, however it is not saying exactly the same thing. It is unique and uncompromising, which is why it actually works! You are not asked to give up anything other than thoughts that keep you stuck, and by doing so, you will enjoy your life more fully. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you! Beginners and long time students are welcome as we all learn from each other. You can join our group at any time. Our suggested Love Offering is $5


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