Rev. Kent Barnard


Rev. Kent Barnard – Board Member/Teacher/Religious Science Minister & Practitioner/Head of Prayer Ministry Team

Reverend Kent Barnard was licensed as a minister of Religious Science by Centers for Spiritual Living in 2004, and was ordained and recognized as a lifetime minister in 2011.  Kent’s ministry shares his love of playful ease and simplicity through daily use of Universal Principles. He is a passionate Religious Science teacher and a perennial student.  Kent’s teaching style uses a non-linear approach to the philosophy and art of the study of metaphysical principles from a perspective of compassionate curiosity.  He facilitates Religious Science and New Thought classes at Bridges of Wellness, which promise to elevate, inspire, and encourage each person’s indwelling wisdom to emerge.  A deep respect for each individual’s sacred soul journey is Kent’s primary purpose, allowing each student to discover innermost desires for one’s self, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kent is fully aligned with the mission and vision of Bridges of Wellness, serves on the Board of Directors, and heads up the Prayer Ministry Team, which serves our many communities in affirmative prayer.  He is also developing “Soul Play,” a way of uncovering one’s own innermost needs through assisting people in tailoring their own spiritual practices to match those needs.  He uses these techniques in his counseling sessions, classes, workshops, and talks.  He’s also a pretty cool dude.



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