Special Events


Book Store Fundraiser

I am excited to announce a new project of growth and renovation at Bridges!

We have intended to open a Bridges of Wellness bookstore and to that end, we have had a generous matching funds gift of $1,500! With our growing student body and more book promotions, this will be a valuable asset for us and a way of added funds and fun!

Our book store will be under the management of Rev. Scott Friedman.

In addition to acquiring what is needed for this, we will be making some beautiful renovations and enrichments to our suite that will make it even more inviting as we spread the word of the great works we do here.

We are asking your contributing gifts to match the $1,500 gift.  You can do this online here, do so directly at Bridges or call us at (954) 530-6006.

We have chosen to do this as a special project and not draw from our general operational funds.  Your gifts are deeply appreciated.

Much Love,
Rev. Dr. Charles D. Geddes


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