Sunday Heart Gatherings


Bridges of Wellness stands on its own as a non-profit organization. It has been a “Vision” to a new paradigm since I left the traditional Center/Church structure 8 years ago. It has taken those years to emerge as it now stands and we are very clear on our Mission.

We are devoted to presenting a full spectrum of programming that honors the whole person: body, mind, and Spirit.  Science of Mind teachings are the foundation and I am motivated by the original intent of Ernest Holmes when he created the “Institute of Religious Science and School of Philosophy,” not a body of churches. “Philosophy” is about ongoing inquiry and therefore, we welcome many pathways of healing and insight. Here are some of our current programs:

  • Ongoing Science of Mind Classes – our SOM staff: Rev. Kent Barnard, Rev. Mary Jo van Dam, Rev. Trish Fegan and Rev. Irene DeGroot, SOM Practitioner: Dr. Ashley Herrin
  • Ho’oponopono, “an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice”, SoulTranSync Meditation, Self-Inquiry and Non-Duality led by Edward Miller
  • Reiki Circles & Reiki Certification classes with Reiki Master, Rev. Scott Barton-Friedman
  • A Course In Miracles, Miracle Monday Study Group & Family Constellations Group Sessions with John Harold Moore
  • Law of Attraction “FunPlayShops” and Game Nights with Adrian Murray

It is my JOY to formally announce that on Father’s Day – June 19th at 10am, Bridges of Wellness will present an ongoing Sunday experience called “Bridges of Wellness Heart Gatherings.”   We actually began on Mother’s Day – May 8 – sharing this within our immediate community.

Our purpose:

“That through meditation, silence, chants, inspiration, heartfelt sharing and dialog, we have a collective experience of transcendence and beauty together … celebrating Unity and Diversity … our mosaic of humanity.”

I have been resolute in not gathering on Sundays. The first of the year, I was approached by many people, whose input I value, to reconsider that decision. Their emphasis, that there was a vital need for me to offer this, and that it was the avenue to grow Bridges of Wellness; to inspire and educate our community about all the magnificent works we have here, and gathering on Sunday was the key forum.IMG_7586

This was a personal and immense cathartic process for me to do this. Through meditation, prayer and visioning, the message came through … I needed to let go of a decision that I made 8 years ago … it no longer had relevance in the now.

In the past year, with our Executive Director, Helene Laurence, we have stepped into a place where we are ready to impact more lives with the depth and quality of what we offer. This decision was about being able to draw more into this amazing spiritual center of healing and LOVE.

I see us as a ship exploring new ports of call of insight and spirituality. We are not only about inspiring others … we are charging our attendees to be proactive for the evolution of our planet through the inner work we do on ourselves. To all our Science of Mind Ministers, to every teacher and practitioner here at Bridges, to our Board of Directors …. I am so ready to let our light shine more powerfully than ever in this community.   To all of you that said … “Charles … will you please reconsider your decision for Sundays?” … I did!   My “Vision” of Bridges of Wellness being a new paradigm of ministry is ever expanding.  

I invite you to join us as we launch a new era of growth at Bridges of Wellness on Sundays at 10am for our Heart Gatherings and spread the word!




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