Family Constellations Testimonials

I found this to be an experience like NO other. This is NOT a jump up and down “Praise God I’m healed!” testimonial. It is a simple fact : I am a human being that started out life with many atrocities. I walked into Family Constellation at best hoping to feel a little bit better. Once you enter the Constellation Field, you will know you are HOME. It is where Source Energy is. It is a space where miracles take place before your very eyes. You can look at ANYTHING with love and compassion. You are safe. You have ALL the Universe to support you. My experience has taken me to a new level of awareness, wholeness, and hope where healing such deep, deep, wounds is now possible. One can clear up issues that could have taken many years to resolve. I hope others will come to experience The Field. It is a COSMIC place where all is possible.
Hortencia, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you for creating such a loving, warm, safe space in which we could do a one-on-one constellation. I have continued the work we did, this morning, with a reading from the Course and journaling. It has been so enlightening during and after the session. I’m finally getting to hear my lessons in a language that I can understand. What a gift to me and to the world you are John Moore. Namaste!
Jim A. Tamarac, FL

I went to John’s Family Constellation yesterday and we constellated my dream! All I can say about it is WOW. The dead and excluded ones really need to be honored (or the imprint will just show up again in future generations to be healed.) “Constellations are a bridge between the worlds.”
Gail M. Gorelick, M.A., O.M.,

What an INCREDIBLE experience! As you know I was a little trepidatious at first but Spirit pulled me right into the action! (Doesn’t it always happen that way in life?) The Constellation was part emotional cleansing, part spiritual healing … and even part performance art! I found the event so intimate and enlightening and left with an expanded awareness of the impact of events in my life that actually spanned family generations. And the group of individuals who participated were so loving and supportive. Thanks again for such a loving experience!
Ron Smith – Unity Pompano Beach, FL

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Group Session. I found it to be very powerful and enriching as I move forward on my personal journey.
James N. – Falls Church, VA

Thank you, dear John, for your love, light, and guidance. The experience was life changing.
Sudie S. – Pittsburgh, PA

OMG! This afternoon opened the way for tremendous insights to come flooding in. I’ve been thinking about the session all evening! While the players were in place, I was busy trying to make sense out of what was happening. As I reflected on everything, the stars aligned and I was in awe of the experience. I am grateful to you, dear John!
Mary L. – Oakland Park, FL

Thank you, John. As usual, I was blown away.
I so much appreciate your gentle and loving Spirit.
Liz L. – Boca Raton, FL

Thank you, John. The evening of healing, for me was very potent and gratifying. My connection with trust will support me on my journey path with Source. Your facilitation is deeply heartfelt and most insightful. Looking forward to continued participation.
Jody S. – Miami Beach, FL

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