Reiki Testimonials

I have attended Reiki circles with Reiki for You for over 2 years. I am also a Reiki Master. I enjoy the circles at Reiki for You, they are warm and loving and everyone is welcome. During the circles, several different practitioners perform Reiki healing, I have had very vivid meditations during my sessions. I have recently begun weekly, private Reiki sessions with Rev. Scott. WOW, the transformation has been tremendous. I am working through some pressing, personal matters and added weekly Reiki to strengthen my positive outlook and move any remaining stagnant energies. While the Reiki circles have helped me, the weekly sessions have moved me faster through some energies that were “hanging” around and no longer serving my highest good. I have experienced an instant healing, when I slipped in the shower and broke my toe before I could sit down, I had a complete healing, although my toe was slightly bruised, it never swelled and 2 days later the bruise is almost completely faded. I also have experienced a healing in my vision. I removed my contacts to replace with fresh ones. After removing and throwing away the used contacts, I was unable to locate my last pair, I was forced to use my glasses. While using my glasses, I was unable to see items close up, I would need to remove my glasses to utilize my phone and computer. While I am still using my glasses to drive, when I put them on the prescription is too strong!! I know my vision is healed!! Reiki and Rev. Scott have been my life line during a rough time, I am blessed and grateful.Namaste ~ Shawn ~ (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

I love the email 😀 As I am lucky to understand, remember, and reminisce on so much of the times mentioned in the email. I wanted to thank you for also being part of my life and my experiences. Understand that I would not be here, writing this message, without you having the passion you do for Reiki and the many wonderful people you’ve connected with. Having had a great circle tonight, humbled by its magnificence, I reach out and send you a big FAT Reiki Hug. I am completely clueless on the impact my journey will have to those around me. I only know that I belong exactly where I am … like you. Congrats on the new vibration and its wonderful gifts! Enjoy every moment 😀 You deserve all its happiness.Love, light, and smiles. Mikey (Dania Beach, FL)

I wanted to share what I believe is the personal benefit of Reiki. I have been consistently going to Scott’s Thursday night circles since they started July 10th. Last week he closed the circle with the message for us to look at what is right in front of us that we might not be dealing with. I had that on my mind all week.
My roommate was out of town all week and I took advantage by filling the apartment with my artistic work, refinishing furniture, mosaics, paintings. Our place was filled with furniture in various states of being worked on. I asked him to call me if he was coming home early as I had my projects all over the apartment. The last time he went away he returned 3 days early with no notice and the place was a total mess; to avoid that I asked him nicely to give me a heads up. Yesterday my son randomly called him and learned he was on his way back a day early without letting me know. I was livid, but I took a step back and asked. Why was he treating me without respect and consideration? Why was I attracting this behavior? I feel very strongly that the people around us mirror how we are feeling inside. He wasn’t treating me with respect. How was I feeling about and treating myself? I realized in that moment I had not been treating myself with respect and consideration either. I had a very hard year and am still recovering. I was angry at myself for getting myself into a bad situation and for not fully recovering quickly. I had the revelation that I HAD DONE THE BEST THAT I COULD. Considering what had happened to me I had done very well. In that moment I was able to forgive myself and see myself as other people saw me, as a woman doing her best for herself and her son. I was amazed in a moment all my self loathing was gone. I felt light and free and I still do. This comes out of my consistent exposure to Reiki energy. In the few short weeks since the Reiki circles started so many things have happened for the good for me. It’s life changing. ~ Melissa (Pompano Beach, FL)

After participating in my first Bowl Burning Ceremony with Rev. Scott Friedman this past December, I am so thankful that my Affirmations and Wishes/Desires showed up in my mailbox today. Of the 20 Affirmations I wrote down six months ago in December at that Ceremony, at least 10 of them have either come to fruition completely or are at least working toward completion. The whole experience was such an amazing one as I was able to write down things in my life which I was not happy with or wanted to change and then we all burned them in the Bowl Burning Ceremony. After watching the negativity release, we then wrote down things we wanted to manifest within the next year. Rev. Scott then mailed our Affirmations to us six months later to see the results of our Wishes and Desires. This whole experience was such a beautiful spiritual awakening for me.~ Tim (Wilton Manors, FL)

Rev. Scott, you are a wonderful and gifted healer, your website represents the healthy hands and emanation of healing which is of superb quality thru you. Your touch is splendid and your Top of the Line Dedication, thank you for the healing of total Unconditional Love. You are an emanation of Universal Force Energy. Namaste. ~ Joey (Hollywood, FL)

Rev. Scott and I both have our offices at Bridges of Wellness and not until I was in debilitating pain did I ask him for help. Had I sought his remarkable healing gifts sooner, I am sure I would not have progressed to such an extreme. I was noticeably relieved after just the first encounter with him in his Reiki Circle. Following my first private Reiki session I was able to go through most of the next few days with only a modicum of discomfort. What has taken only a few sessions, would have taken weeks of physical therapy (which is what the doctor prescribed). Rev. Scott also identified problems, that I did not tell him about and extended extra healing to those areas. A gorgeous experience with a Master. Greatly looking forward to ongoing healing work with Rev. Scott and giving him as birthday gifts to some of my friends who I know will greatly benefit. Thank you for your special rates, too. I plan to take advantage of them. – Malerie,(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

I met Rev. Scott ten years ago. Since then, I have taken classes and become a Reiki Level 2 practitioner under the guidance of Rev. Scott. He is the most down-to-earth individual I have in my life. He truly cares, understands, and motivates you to exist in the positive forces of the universe. His compassion and his ability to share experiences that keep you in the white light energy are remarkable. Rev. Scott has helped me get rid of my negativity and realize I am here for the greater good of the universe. He is genuine, kind, and supportive. There are people who you desire and deserve in your life and Rev. Scott is one who you will treasure forever. – Myrna R. Cooperman (Tamarac, FL)

Reiki has been in my life for 9 years. At first I attended Reiki circles with Reverend Scott: followed him all over South Florida from Pompano Beach to Davie to Fort Lauderdale and to Wilton Manors. I then studied with Reverend Scott: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and then I became a Reiki Master. My life has been so much better with Reiki. I have been more focused, relaxed and able to realize my dreams. The few times I have gone without Reiki, my life has gone off track and been frustrating. I would then realize I wasn’t going to Reiki. I have overcome so much in my life with the healing energy of Reiki. I have used Reiki on my son and my sick dog. My dog although abandoned and malnourished for years maintained perfect health after her Reiki treatments. Due to what she had been through I was really amazed by her healthy recovery. My son is very attuned to this healing energy and has tried to use it on me when I have been sick. He is a very anxious child and he is calmer and sleeps better with Reiki. Now I have two rescue dogs that were previously abused. One is extremely frightened of everything; the other is very anxious and unsure. I am giving them Reiki. They are making remarkable progress. Reiki is helping them as it helps everyone. I would never be without Reiki. Reverend Scott is very true to the original Reiki teachings. His circles and treatments are safe healing places to overcome what ails us. This is why I have followed him for so many years. I have been to other Reiki circles but there is nothing like Reverend Scott’s circles. This is why I have followed him for over a decade. I have watched him grow as a practitioner and a teacher. I am Honored to know him and be one of his students. Thank you so much for being you and being with me on my Reiki Journey. – Melissa Aldana, R. M. (Pompano Beach, FL)

Interested in learning Reiki? I highly recommend Rev. Scott Friedman for complete Reiki training. Reiki is spiritually guided life energy. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. I encourage you to attend a Reiki Circle and experience the benefits for yourself! The next Reiki Level 1 training will be offered at the end of July. Please visit his website for more information at – Rev. Michelle Huntoon-Tamblyn, R. M. (Deerfield Beach, FL)

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